Monolog integration

The Monolog integration supports both Monolog version 1 and version 2.


composer require async-aws/monolog-cloud-watch


use AsyncAws\CloudWatchLogs\CloudWatchLogsClient; use AsyncAws\Monolog\CloudWatch\CloudWatchLogsHandler; use Monolog\Logger; $client = new CloudWatchLogsClient(); $handler = new CloudWatchLogsHandler($client, [ 'group' => 'company-website', 'stream' => 'frontend-api', ]); $logger = new Logger('logger'); $logger->pushHandler($handler); $logger->error('an error occurred');


The CloudWatchLogsHandler accepts the following parameters:

For the $options parameter, the allowed values are:

Symfony usage

To ease service configuration, install the AsyncAws Symfony Bundle first.

The bundle will automatically configure CloudWatchLogsClient with the given credentials.

# config/services.yaml services: monolog.handler.cloud_watch: class: AsyncAws\Monolog\CloudWatch\CloudWatchLogsHandler arguments: - '@async_aws.client.cloud_watch_logs' - group: company-website stream: frontend-api # more parameters, see Configuration
# config/packages/prod/monolog.yaml monolog: handlers: main: type: fingers_crossed action_level: error handler: cloud_watch cloud_watch: type: service id: monolog.handler.cloud_watch


The CloudWatchLogs Monolog relies on the AWS CloudWatch Logs API and inherits the underlying limitations, which are described in the official documentation.

The integration enforces a few limitations like the maximum batch size, maximum number of events per batch and chronological order of events; which should not be taken care of by the developer.

Please note that CloudWatch Logs accepts only 5 requests per second (with 10,000 log items each) per log stream. Each PHP process will cause a new request, regardless of whether the 10,000 items limit was reached. If an application is expected to push log records at high rate, you should use different log streams.

The AWS credentials should have at least the logs:DescribeLogStreams and logs:PutLogEvents permissions for the integration to work properly.