Rekognition client

This page contains examples with the Rekognition client. See the client introduction for a more detailed description how to use a client. You may also want to consider the authentication documentation to understand the many ways you can authenticate with AWS.

The Rekognition package could be installed with Composer.

composer require async-aws/rekognition

A new client object may be instantiated by:

use AsyncAws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient; $rekognition = new RekognitionClient();

The authentication parameters is read from the environment by default. You can also specify a AWS access id and secret:

use AsyncAws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient; $rekognition = new RekognitionClient([ 'accessKeyId' => 'my_access_key', 'accessKeySecret' => 'my_access_secret', 'region' => 'eu-central-1', ]);

For all available options, see the configuration reference.

The client supports the basics methods for common use cases of facial recognition


Create Collections

Creating collection is a way to split your rekognition workflows into bags with is own characteristics, for easy searching:

use AsyncAws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient; use AsyncAws\Rekognition\Input\CreateCollectionRequest; $rekognition = new RekognitionClient(); $request = new CreateCollectionRequest([ "collectionId" => "dogs-collection", ]); $response = $rekognition->createCollection($request); echo 'Version: ' . $response->getFaceModelVersion();

Add faces to a collection

If you want to add faces from an image into a collection you will use the method indexFaces.

use AsyncAws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient; use AsyncAws\Rekognition\Input\IndexFacesRequest; use AsyncAws\Rekognition\ValueObject\Image; $rekognition = new RekognitionClient(); $addFacesRequest = new IndexFacesRequest( [ 'Image' => new Image(['Bytes' => file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/resources/snoopy.jpg')]), 'CollectionId' => 'dogs-collection', 'ExternalImageId' => 'snoopy_1', ] ); foreach ($rekognition->indexFaces($addFacesRequest)->getFaceRecords() as $faceRecord) { echo 'face: ' . $faceRecord->getFace()->getFaceId() . ' (' . $faceRecord->getFace()->getConfidence() . '%)'; }

Search for a face inside a collection

When you want to search a face inside a collection with an image you will use the method searchFacesByImage.

use AsyncAws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient; use AsyncAws\Rekognition\Input\searchFacesByImageRequest; use AsyncAws\Rekognition\ValueObject\Image; $rekognition = new RekognitionClient(); $addFacesRequest = new SearchFacesByImageRequest( [ 'image' => new Image(['Bytes' => file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/resources/snoopy.jpg')]), 'faceMatchThreshold' => 75.5, 'collectionId' => 'dogs-collection', ] ); $response = $rekognition->searchFacesByImage($addFacesRequest)->getSearchedFaceBoundingBox(); foreach ($rekognition->searchFacesByImage($addFacesRequest)->getFaceMatches() as $faceMatch) { echo 'face: ' . $faceMatch->getFace()->getFaceId() . ' (' . $faceMatch->getFace()->getConfidence() . '%)'; }

The source code to this page is found on GitHub.